White Red Gum Ache Blisters On Tongue Caused By Chewing Gum?

Blisters on tongue caused by chewing gum? - white red gum ache

I bit into four (4) pieces of gum on the red within two days. On the second day I noticed my tongue felt pain. I looked when I came home and had little white blisters on the tongue (as when you eat very, very hot (temperature wise) foods and burns the tongue and palate.) What is the cause? I've never lived.

I called the company and they send an envelope, so I can check the rubber for the back. But if I with the representative I spoke for the first time said that it sounded like rubber by the year 2007. He said his until 09 He also said it could be an allergic reaction to rubber .. But if that were true, it would not be bumps sores around the mouth and had no rubber at a certain point of two days ...??

I plan to return the rubber, but some pieces in a bag with a note of the mark in the rubber and the bar code was.

No idea what happened? The tremor lasted for about 3 days. I stopped to chew gum. Well, I'm sick, stuffy nose, cough, Teeth, headaches .. This is not the flu, and sore muscles or something.


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