Chinese Bang Weave Creation "Myths": Genesis, Big Bang Theory, Chinese Folk Tradition, Ovid's Metamorphoses?

Creation "Myths": Genesis, Big Bang Theory, Chinese folk tradition, Ovid's Metamorphoses? - chinese bang weave

What do you think?

All differences between the versions you noticed? What changes relate to the differences in cultures?


eri said...

Well, we usually call it a "myth", if nothing to save it. This means that you have to take the big bang theory on its list, as confirmed by many experiments - the Hubble expansion of the universe, the cosmic background radiation, etc. The other common - (the source of them) are a type of deity can not be detected and they are odds with what we know today about the universe.

Former MN Science Teacher --sDg said...

I am a science teacher and was among the science that helped to convince me that the Bible is true in Genesis: "In the beginning God created heaven and earth." I do not believe in the Big Bang.

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