Hodgkins Lymphoma Do You Know Anyone Who Has Been Diagnosed With Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma?

Do you know anyone who has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma? - hodgkins lymphoma

Do you know someone who has been diagnosed, processed and / or remission with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma?
How has he / manage them?
What was the treatment?
How to deal with your friends / family?
Can you some advice for the mother of a young woman who was diagnosed recently?
Is there anything I should know about it?


widow196... said...

I was a little more than three years diagnosed. I was so aggressive and not aggressive, so it got a real pain under control. I had to do a lot, chemotherapy, including stem cell transplantation. Just return. Plus he was "in remission" was one years.
When I learned of the cancer, I immediately took the view that this disease does not run or ruin my life ... it could only find a way to fit in it!
I have my husband about 2 1 / 2 years before cancer and my children are 12 and 13 years old when we ..... I had no time to be sick, raise with 2 children! The first treatment of R / CHOP was very easy for me, and I have always worked full time and everything that I normally have. Until nerve enought to start out again, about 9 months after the end of chemo ..... blessed be He, has hung with me for the last 2 years.
I have a few weeks shy of one year chemotherapy, I learned that I was back and this time was the implementation of the "big guns & quOT, and not the transplant, I'll be honest, really sucked! However, it is the full time as I could until I increase the final part of chemotherapy and was in hospital and waiting for my account again.
Approximately 6 months later I heard he was back ...... Moreover, in the battle, I'm gone!

My family and my friends have been amazing .... My son is crazy sense of humor, like me, and laughed all the way through all the treatments. I am not one billion of teasing about appearance by Howie Mandel, with my bald head! My friends respect my wishes to treat me "as usual". That's my biggest was ....... Application treats me like forever! That's the best advice I give to someone. Offer help when needed, but let the survivor's pension, the right choice.

I regret that it was a bit long, but you asked a lot of information!
I tell you my story do not be afraid, but they share their personal experiences. To be honest with you .... I met many people that has not happened to pass through the NH lymphoma both as it..... We intend to be taken would be different, but I will keep fighting until the doctors do it right!

. said...

Yes, somewhat.
Above all one thing: it is very strong. Decided to take an intensive chemotherapy and radiation. As a result, the neuropathy is left standing was dibilitating and painful, and heart problems. However, the cancer is in remission.
He has some good help parents and do things for them. But his mother is a soul food to a demon.

What you should know: chemotherapy in the treatment much more damage and kill many people (not unusual, no matter what he says here). It saves a lot of people. I am certainly wrong, at least for a while. It is) not going through chemotherapy without permanent peripheral neuropathy (nerve injury. (Neurontin not only helps some people and only a little). Severity varies from person to person. It may be inside and outside the hospital for the duration of chemotherapy.

I encourage all who are juice fasting to observe cancer. Here are some links for you:

This woman was placed on the waiting list for conventional cancer therapies. In the meantime, lasttheir food, and went on fasting. Lee, I corresponded with this person and know the truth of his words:
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Here is the blog that other therapies, they analyzed in their leukemia (very interesting and informative):

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Please read each bit of the whole blog on this topic, not just the text on the linked page. You'll learn.

This will cure Breuss cancer. andor not to buy the book, the recipe on this page, scroll down and read it:
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I try not to sugar coat the truth, because I hate it when people do that for me.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and I wish good luck to you and your mother.

Char said...

I diffuse large B-cell NHL in 2004. I was treated with CHOP, Rituxan and radiation. It was fun, but not so bad. I do not have much pain, no energy for anything. I have a lot of weight prednisone [CHOP in the P], radiation to the thyroid gland. In addition, chemotherapy put me in menopause. Therefore, the effects were bad enough for me, but it was better than cancer!

What you should know:
Everything is there, even the counselors who can speak online.

What would you do differently. I try to walk or use a little more. I have all the time because I had no energy. I have tried to take a walk or something.

I wish him and his mother all the best. I was diagnosed at the age of 46 years, and I came through the treatment very well. [Truth is that I had a few, but the other side of the bottom line is that I]

E-mail if you have any questions.
Best wishes!

beth n said...

In 2004 I was diagnosed with CTCL (non-Hodgkin). I received interferon for a little over three years, and I can tell you that sometimes it is very difficult to think of another injection (Vol. 3miu - you 3 times per week), but then I see my husband and I think it would be difficult to quit. The treatment is very difficult for me, makes me very tired and I can not go out in public when there is a danger that come into contact with could be something. I have no immune system left for me and for all diseases could be very serious. It hurts all the time and already have neuropathy (nerve damage - which is never far away). My family will not believe that I am sick, but God bless my husband - who has recorded with 3 years of pain, mood swings, depression, and some other side effects, without complaining about it. My biggest concern when I was sick, that people start to feel sorry for me. I hate it! I have always lived life to the fullest and I do not want people treating me differently because I'm sick. My advice is to know how his mother's handIs it what you want to be treated and then do the best we can to help. Remember, this day is a big change for both and do not be hard to come to join, but patience and love in the ongoing restoration. I sincerely wish the best for both, and we hope that your journey together will be of benefit. I have lost a close friend (he was asked 2-2-08) with cancer and how he is over his death and all we can say that I wish you much dignity and shows you the last of her days. It was a very special person, so strong with the quiet grace. is very patchy.

Cookie Monster said...

My mother-in-law was diagnosed last year and is very good. No signs of cancer until now. She had 6 cycles of chemotherapy were administered 2 days per week every three weeks. Non-Hodgkin's very sociable and has a high cure rates. Meanwhile, there are drugs that appear to contribute to the side effects of chemotherapy. The worst thing for them it was fear and fatigue of chemotherapy. Also go to the bathroom was a little uncomfortable the first or 2 days after treatment, because the body is freed from all the poison. The odds are in his favor that his mother is okay. Knowing this is not always an easy thing to try, but it will move through it and be able to, before you know it. All the best for both.

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