Disability Transition Would You Accept A 'transabled' Person As A Person With A Disability After Transition, Or As Mentally Disabled?

Would you accept a 'transabled' person as a person with a disability after transition, or as mentally disabled? - disability transition

BIld (identity disturbance of bodily integrity) to tell a psychological disorder in which (the person in question has a strong desire some people that the "need") a disability, who most often it is an amputation, blindness, deafness, paraplegia.

Dr. Michael First, editor of the DSM-V, was the first medal of the concept image, and is working on the DSM-V will be added. Many say it is very similar BIld GID, and people often ask, with the label "Removable BIld.

What are your thoughts on this rare and often misunderstood mental illness, and when added to the DSM-V, would you be willing to accept as a genuine mental disorder to recognize and perhaps someone who says "need" an amputation as mentally Disabled? In the same direction, you think that transgender people are disabled until the transition?

I am very interested to hear other people with disabilities about their views on this disorder, and if you want to accept it as a real disorder ". And would you be prepared for someone who has had surgery to amputate acceptlya such thing as a "real" people with disabilities, or be marginalized as the "Pretenders"?

I think it interesting and the same, and I know what everyone thinks.


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