Lump In Throat More Condition_symptoms Swallowing Difficulty And Lump In Throat When I Swallow?

Swallowing Difficulty and lump in throat when i swallow? - lump in throat more condition_symptoms

When I drink, I feel a lump in my throat, and sometimes moving, and ITI was a bit harder to swallow, but not much, well, I'm thirteen. What this could signs of my age?


Sally B said...

It could be allergies. I have bad hay fever, and I feel very happy if my sinuses draining into my throat.

It can swell a different type of allergy causing her windpipe, making it hard to swallow.

I suggest you go to your doctor. It could be as simple as allergies or needs his tonsils. It can also be something more serious like a cyst or benign tumor.

John N said...

probably the larynx (voice box), thickening and increasingly widespread. They feel the move, because he must. and it may be that the rest of the throat does not reach the same, but growing.

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