Asian Women Torture Free Name Of War Movie Where American Women Are Taken Captive After Their Ship Is Attacked.?

Name of war movie where American women are taken captive after their ship is attacked.? - asian women torture free

Does anyone know the title of this film, at first I think it is a ship of the American woman is attacked by fighter planes and many women away. The girls get up and get the vaccine. The women jump into the sea, rafts, but they are by the soldiers who captured the attack Asians. One of the prisoners was an Asian woman herself and later in the film, which has been soaked in petrol and set on fire is red, which some have been tortured and kneel around on his knees with sharp sticks, as a soldier and come to behead them, or something, but only cut a lock of hair, I think, asked at the end whether theyw on living ant in the country and in this house, some women choose to stay, but others ..... Let's hope this is helpful, but please, I need to know the title of this film


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