Thank You Message Wedding Coming Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get Personalized Travel Mugs That I Can Give As Wedding Favors?

Does anyone know where I can get personalized travel mugs that I can give as wedding favors? - thank you message wedding coming

I'm getting this summer, married at Sandals in St. Lucia, and we want to make baskets (or boxes or other) with a few nice gifts for our customers in them. Until now, we give them the embroidered towels (no initials on us!) And the little things like sunscreen, Tylenol, toothpaste, travel, etc. I've heard from some people that their customers travel cup very hot / cold and a brief message (like Gracias por venir) and the pair with the name and date of the wedding for her and the people they seemed to love, for it is an all-inclusive and may d bar "take delicate and full of everything you want, and then You will find on the beach or elsewhere. The problem is that I've heard many people say they could around 4 or $ 5 each, and so far I could find no fewer than 15. I found cheaper if you order as 100 but we only need 30 or more. Does anyone know a place in the line where you can order these custom cups, or even better, a place where you buy your ownand then decrease, and have your message and put it here?


Off and Running said...

any website with promotional items such as

TB said...

this shit is not given to the guests. They have enough material to put in their suitcases.
Sunscreen products - they know what they want, you do not need
Tylenol - Oh dear
Toothpaste Travel - See the sun cream
Cups monogram - it lets you into the trash in the motel.
No strain on your family and friends jewels. The day to leave them to sit down, and a sincere note of each and e-mail the cards on the island.

Lauren said...

If you end up changing his mind on the measure, travel mug as a gift for high scores on the ticks in the selection of the beach theme favors, .. . There are some really great benefits that do not adapt themselves to your guests and are much cheaper.

Good luck with the planning!

Hope this helps!

Briana said...

You can as little or as much of these cups, and can even be personalized with something different for each customer (including photographs order): http://bjoyfulinvitations.gigabitprint.c ...

James Watkin said...

I travel mugs for Christmas one year. I looked around the room for the cups and then went to an engraver and a price negotiated with them. I found my mugs in a discount for a dollar each. And the writer is only charged $ 2 per cup.

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