Food Allergy Or Shingles Food Allergy: Is There A Differance Between Buttermilk And Milk?

Food allergy: is there a differance between buttermilk and milk? - food allergy or shingles

I can not tolerate milk and other dairy products, except for products made from milk. Can you allergic to butter? If so, what buttermlk is the cause of my food allergies? Ex: PROTEINS?


Venus said...

It is quite different, the buttermilk is much thicker and softer, probably why it than butter because it has in the butter ... J / K. .. maybe.

Rannyrun... said...

Milk is the raw material from which many products are dairy, where milk is a waste of butter (or residues), the fluid () after the rotation with butter cream or yogurt a kind of milk product. When fermented lactic acid production and the consistency is thick.

If you are allergic fermented beverages and transpiration, the rate of milk allergy serum, the presence of lactic acid.

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