Level 19 Electric Box Ipod How To Increase Performance Of F-104 STARFIGHTER, The Rate Of Climbing And Gliding Distance?

How to increase performance of F-104 STARFIGHTER, the rate of climbing and gliding distance? - level 19 electric box ipod

Airfoil PROFILE:
Biconvex wing root: 3.36%
Wing tip: convex 3.36%

Length: 54,75 m (16.69 m)
Wingspan: 21.92 m (6.68 m)
Height: 13.50 m (4.11 m)
Wing area: 196.1 m2 (18.22 m2)

Empty: 14.082 pounds (6.387 kg)

Maximum takeoff weight: 28.779 pounds (13.054 kg)
The internal fuel capacity: 5822 lbs (2.641 kg)
Ext: 5538 kg (2.512 kg)
Maximum load: 4310 kg (1995 kilograms)

Engines: General Electric J79-19 turbojet
Thrust: 10,000 pounds (44.5 kN)
: 15,800 pounds (70.28 kN) with afterburning

Level up speed: 1,450 mph (2335 km / h)
6000 feet (10.975 feet), Mach 2.2
at sea level: Mach 1.2
Initial climb rate: min 50,000 feet (15,239 m) /
Ceiling: 58,000 feet (17.680 m)
90,000 feet (27,430 meters), maximum magnification
Typical: 260 nm (480 km) with maximum payload
Ferry: 1576 nm (2.920 km)


Gulfstre... said...

Turbine engine requires a thing to improve performance. FUEL!
Too much fuel you cross the border safely. Temperature, RPM, fuel flow.
There are also rumors Extral holes in the wheel to the turbine drill. ? Just a rumor.

Billy Butthead said...

The F-104 to fly like a piece of rock.
You need to 5 hours. to hold a week, and they were working on the most deadly.
Ala and allows a higher power would be useful.
Why do not you throw and get an F-18.

Paul S said...

Could not connect to react to the F104, but I remember my days in the army in the 70s. They were nicknamed "flying coffins" due to them often collide. Lockheed, you can try to ask the question, what have they done in the first place.

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