Magic The Gathering Digital Picture Frame Magic The Gathering Questions (I Haven't Played In A Long Time).?

Magic the Gathering questions (I haven't played in a long time).? - magic the gathering digital picture frame

With the new Magic The Gathering XBLA here, I noticed a few new elements into the actual game, and I found something:

What the hell? What do the symbols (+1, -1), etc.? If the mana cost? I do not understand. Besides, where is his power / strength? There is only 1 issue ... I do not understand.


IamHuman said...

It is a flat card, which is another type of card. When you play, you have to look at the number on the bottom right corner, because that is how many loyalty counters that it relates to him. Loyalty counters are to activate the ability of the Surveyor. With the card you have, for example:

"1" is the fidelity to 1 against him, as you activate the ability and share costs for 2 of land.

"-1" Mean the abolition of loyalty to him as a cost, and it will be a 3 / 3 Beast creature token into play.

"-4" Medium Remove 4 counter loyalty to him (well, you must receive at least 4 Planeswalker Loyalty first counter in order to play this ability.) And your creatures +3 / +3 and trample until the end of the turn.

You can only get one chance per round, even if you different abilities. You can enable this capability at key stages. Once a country has zero loyalty counters, is their owner to the cemetery. If you have a reviewer, OPPOnentas can attack, but you can still block the attacking creatures. If you do not clog any damage to the loyalty to an adopted against him.

Hope it helps!

G-man said...

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