Adult Stream Are Sea Trout The Adult Version Of The Brown Trout That Live In Our Streams And Lakes?

Are sea trout the adult version of the brown trout that live in our streams and lakes? - adult stream

If so, they migrate to breed - such as salmon, the back, where they were born, goes well with fish, are totally different?


macthebo... said...

Sea trout trout spend it, their adult lives in salt water. Not the same scale as salmon migrate, but return to their native rivers to spawn each year. Both are Salmo trutta! I refuse to meet in the United Kingdom different reactions around the world.

Nick P said...

Sorry Eric, but usually spiny dogfish, which were sold as a rock, or salmon. This was caused by a species of shark (all sharp teeth and rough skin) and salmon rock was a better name resonance.

I had split a fish (the dog) is the height of the GCE O biology for over 40 years - you can still feel.

bibsian said...

Race to defame the fish

Brown trout never go to sea, stay in the rivers and lakes all the time

all the best

Tony T said...

Nope ummmmmm sea trout are technically in the drum family (Black, Red Drum, Croacker, spot), while the brook trout is a trout True. what do you think the Steelhead and rainbow trout in this is this is the case

Dylan 61 said...

Sea trout inhabit the salt lakes in Scotland and peat used for salmon rocks. They do not migrate like salmon race.

robert s said...

Entirely different breed. Sea trout (I think) are a type of salmon in Scotland.

abandone... said...

The sea trout are similar in appearance as the brown trout, but they are a separate species. They are similar in the life cycle of salmon, they migrate to spawn, like salmon, but not later die. They can live up to twenty years and can generate almost every year. Sea trout in the sea and not go to live in fresh water to spawn. Sea trout are from the UK, largely in the world.

The brook trout is an entirely different species. They live in fresh water and are never found in the water.

Rock salmon is a salmon in all, a shark who lives on the sea rock salmon is a small shark, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the sea trout and brook trout. It's called rock salmon, it is a name more acceptable than the shark. In Yorkshire, WHERe: I saw rock salmon is often called Scarborough Woof.

Sea trout and trout are to be done both to the family of salmon and are generally classified as fish.

andrew m said...

Depends on how you look and are located in which country you are. I can not answer to the people in Europe .. But here in the states .. Sea trout is a common fish in southern waters, and it's cousin, the North Sea trout waters, both salt-water fish. Migrate to brown trout and rainbow and brown trout, fresh water from seawater in order to spawn .. For example, a "Steelhead" is a rainbow trout, the salt water or one of the great lakes hike

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