Biology What Is The Biology Major Like In College?

What is the biology major like in college? - biology

I was thinking of studying biology at the university, because I love animals and I like learning about anatomy and how things are to each other in the body. I do not know what kind of career they want to go, but I thought that the biology give me many options. I do not know what they expect from this specialty. This is a large number of laboratory tests and examination of samples under the microscope? You have to do the possibility of field work? How strictly is the largest? If you can answer questions about the research, career opportunities and big, in general, I'd be very happy.


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Yes, it is very intense. Which would often land in biology in a laboratory or doctor. Will research and use of the microscope is the heart of this importance are prepared so for hours on both, either as a student. When you become a biology teacher, also the possibility of a teacher of students from their university. Good luck.

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