Fastest Ufo Whats The Chance Of Being On An Airline Plane And Getting Hit By A Ufo?

Whats the chance of being on an airline plane and getting hit by a ufo? - fastest ufo

What is the probability that this is the case, because CarNT UFOs on the radar is such that he was not able to see it until too late.
And then I heard the UFOs are really fast.


xxtaffxx said...

On the same probability of finding a girlfriend.

Nimbulan D said...

If you wear green pants with the coffee stain on it, then you have a chance of 1 / 3672, undercut by a UFO. If you wear a T-shirt with Fushia everything inside then you have a chance of 3 / 468742. If you drink orange juice and then you have the option of 1 / 39845776375789. When you sing Space Oddity by David Bowie and listen to the theme song from Star Trek, while a T-shirt Star Wars, with fuchsia writing, green pants with a coffee stain on them while drinking orange juice .... is 1 / 1.

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