Before And After Pictures Of People On Adipex Adam Lambert: How Many People Saw The Pictures Before The Vote?

Adam Lambert: How many people saw the pictures before the vote? - before and after pictures of people on adipex

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Adam Lambert: How many people have seen the pictures before the vote?
How many people know that I saw before the vote, gay and a picture of him kissing another man? I think what I'm trying to ask where the photos published before the final vote, or after the final vote


SMOKEr14 said...

Watch American Idol ever again. But always a fan of Adam Lambert. It is a great talent, great player and a true artist. NEVER do that shit ever again calluses.
I can not wait until her debut album!

(to answer your question: I've seen the pictures, but I knew he was gay and no one cares).

chevvyl said...

We thought it was just gay, but hey! Who cares, it `s nice. And his voice is fabulous. I hope he wins.

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