Types Of Mammograms My Sister Got A Mammogram Result Of "suspicious Cluster Microcalcifications", Is This Cause For Alarm?

My sister got a mammogram result of "suspicious cluster microcalcifications", is this cause for alarm? - types of mammograms

They had announced the results today and is already back for another mammogram in the depth on Monday. Has anyone ever been such a result of your mammogram and is considered to be benign?


Anonymous said...

It is preserved for normal women with breast calcifications. Microcalcifications are very small.

Sometimes calcifications or curved lines form for no apparent reason. In other cases, it may surround a tumor. What is happening here is that the doctor saw a group of microcalcifications, but it was a tumor. Because these groups may indicate a tumor, you want to ensure another x-ray to make sure there is no tumor.

There was a connection with the mammogram 20 years ago. At that time, radiologists Wanted 3 / 4 ordered back negative biopsies. They wanted to increase further biopsies were necessary because they wanted to err on the side of the detection of tumors. Your sister is not even on the level of the biopsy, however, so the chances of a tumor is probably much less than 25%.

Anonymous said...

Currently, it is not worried, just a clarification, it's just the way it "microcalcifications" small pieces of accumulated calcium, sounds, which do not normally. A second appointment is needed to see what action plan is strongly recommended

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