Rbc Center Raleigh Nc Why Can't I Bring My Pro Camera To The Circus?

Why can't I bring my pro camera to the circus? - rbc center raleigh nc

I take my children Ringling Brothers. Place-Based (RBC Center in Raleigh, North Carolina) expressly SLR cameras are not allowed! You can point your target and fire, though.

Why? It is very, very stupid. I do not understand.


anthony h said...

SLR cameras are to receive high-quality photos that could be sold on to win. Ringling Bros. wants to make sure they retain their rights to their works, including the performance. In addition, artists can retain the rights to each other (clown makeup is unique, for example), and then sold the photos without their consent, may violate the rights of the artists as well. There is a presumption that if you have a camera pro-level SLR, you must be a pro to make money, then they are banned SLR cameras.

Ara57 said...

I went to Ringling Bros. in the 80s in Raleigh with my daughter. I have my Canon AE-1, and no one said anything. Perhaps you take the old drummer camera?

epic_lay... said...

because they are selfish bastards?

But what Reflex "and" cameras, like my FZ8 or Canon S5 IS?

Who gave me a thumbs down, you can eat my shorts

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