Rio Casino Las Vegas Where Do They Celebrate Mardi Gras In Las Vegas?

Where do they celebrate Mardi Gras in Las Vegas? - rio casino las vegas

I find no mention of any meeting or celebration in Las Vegas at the Mardi Gras this year, Tuesday, 20 February. Even Rio Casino reviewed and can not find a calendar of events are the special events that day. What the locals? Something?


jack said...

Orleans Celebrates Mardi Gras

Rio will host the "Carnival"

They have a good time is not on Fremont Street on Bourbon Street, but it's fun .. You can call to see what they have planned for this year - 702-678-5600 --

The Fremont Street Experience is four blocks long, head to the left shows the light has 12.5 million LCD modules. It's an incredible spectacle, not seen, it is worthwhile just to see the show. The light of the desire of the Grand Canyon See TV. Ususlly with at least one step of the band and various entertainers.

Las Vegas is not out of the way to celebrate Mardi Gras, but I'm pretty sure it will be a good time if you take your time to concentrate Orleans and the Fremont Street.

The Orleans was voted by "Trip Advisor", as the No. 2 "Best Value" hotels in the world. It is an honor for many travelers like you and I. .. Vote "The Orleans is a kind of too bad quality, juiceT-model of the lower class "> For the other less intelligent than the comments on this topic ...

vegasdog said...

20. February is a Saturday, so you probably Ellis Iceland Casino & Brewery in my spare time with pizza and beer coupons. Although not known to Mardi Gras this month, as we in 1700 miles from New Orleans.

Sav said...

LV is not something special for its Mardi Gras. And I read the conclusion that they are in Fremont St for the Mardi Gras in April, far from the Mardi Gras is for real. The Orleans Casino is a kind of very poor quality, not short or anything, but only low-class type and a few miles from the strip.

San Diego is a great celebration of Mardi Gras in the Gaslamp that Las Vegas does not. Only in New Orleans or another city in the South, Galveston or Biloxi therefore experiance a real Mardi Gras. SD Mardi Gras festival is not bad for what it is.

mood goddess said...

Las Vegas is not New Orleans. There is no city international celebration. Local to eat and go home to do what they normally do not.

As mentioned above, there are a few casinos that point because of the nature of his profession to take. "Your best option is the Hotel Casino Orleans, facing the edge, but still fun.

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