Dvd Recorder That I Can Record Over And Over How Do I Make My DVD Recorder Record What's On TV With The TV Off? It Doesn't Have A TV Tuner?

How do I make my DVD recorder record what's on TV with the TV off? It doesn't have a TV Tuner? - dvd recorder that i can record over and over

This is a Sony DVD recorder, and only those records that if the TV is turned on with a red, yellow, white, and A / Help / V cable shot!


TV guy said...

Satellite Receivers -> DVD Recorder -> TV

Turn off the satellite receiver to the channel you want to save
Insert the DVD recorder to the time that you want to save record

While the box and TSS is the right channel was recorded.

Kyle K said...

Well hate to break it for you, but I am sure that is the way that you burn it with your TV if you have a cable box.

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